Welcome to Launchpad!

Protocol Labs Network (PLN) Launchpad is a six-week onboarding program to train, onboard, and match engineers and startup operators at scale with opportunities across the PL Network.

Launchpad cohorts will onboard a wide funnel of primed talent into PL Network teams - and also grow network engineering culture, strong community bonds, and solid cross-functional knowledge of various parts of the PL Network tools and protocols.

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3 WEEKS: Flexible Learning
Curriculum & Project Exploration

In the first weeks of the program, you will learn about the Protocol Labs Network and its main technologies: IPFS, IPDL, libp2p and Filecoin. Our curriculum allows you to take a shallow or deep dive into technical topics and PLN projects!

While you are learning, start ideating projects to work on during Launchpad. It can be a new a new project or improving an existing one.

1 WEEK: Meet people from the network
Colo week & Project Picking

Get to know other Launchpad residents and people within the Protocol Labs Network. We will also have learning sessions and workshops. The location varies depending on the cohort that you join. Some examples from previous cohorts: Reykjavik, Amsterdam, Austin or Paris.

During the colo week, you will have time to pick your project and present your idea to the rest of participants!


After you have chosen your project/ contribution to PLN such as resolving issues and tickets in OSS projects, or a project improving processes and efforts within PLN, it's time to get to work! Your project or contribution can be something related to your job or a pet project you are interested in hacking on.

At the end of the Launchpad program, you will present your project to the rest of residents and several stakeholders across the Protocol Labs Network.

Collaboration Week Experience


  This curriculum is designed for those who already have a basic set of technical skills. Launchpad Cadets should at a minimum already know:

  • How to use Github for source control, including making PRs & suggestions
  • How to navigate and troubleshoot an operating system and install dependencies
  • Experience with the basic software engineering design lifecycle
  • Experience implementing and testing software projects
  • The ability to read and write in programming languages (software engineer participants only)

  Launchpad Principles

  • Feedback is a gift. Please give your feedback on the program and how we can make it better! If someone gives you feedback, it's because they’re trying to help you improve — but understand there are often many ways to do something, so give feedback with curiosity and an open mind.
  • Improve as we go. Related to the above, when you spot areas of improvement for the program, we want to capture them along the journey rather than hoping to remember them at the end. A retro will happen at the end, but please also post in Filecoin Slack as you see things. Including an emoji like 🤔 can make it easier to harvest these thoughts for the retro.
  • Be respectful. This whole program falls under the IPFS Code of Conduct. Always be kind and welcoming.
  • Collaboration. Be proactively helpful to everyone you can. Answer questions, offer ideas, share your work and learnings - try to give back to the community and others who are helping you! Understand that many great ideas can blossom in parallel - avoid being competitive, secretive, or ego-ful about your work or ideas.
  • Async first. We bias toward async comms to support many time zones and schedules. Try to use slack threads, record meetings, and document your questions/learnings so others can benefit./li>
  • Transparency. To promote a good OSS environment, we try to make our work open to all - even before we’re ready. Please try to use group channels to post your questions instead of DMs (where others can’t learn from you), and share your answers in public forums wherever possible (ex discourse, Filecoin slack, etc).