Web3 Tools

There are many tools that you can use to engage with web3 capabilities, including NFTs for storing unique assets, tokens which refer the the currency that exist in the decentralized currency world, and wallets, which are used to secure and store private keys.

Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Zero Knowledge proofs are cryptographic methods and strategies for validating information without revealing data that you want to keep private or secret. Though this technology has applications in cryptocurrency, the applications are wide and provide benefits in many applications.

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NFTs are a type of cryptographic asset that is encrypted with an creator’s signature, ensuring that the owner of that asset owns the true, original (non-fungible) version of that asset. Though NFTs are most well-known for works of art, there are many other applications of NFT technology. There are various marketplaces and tools, such as NFT.Storage, that you can explore.

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In the web3 world, the word token is synonumous with coin or a way to refer to a type of cryptocurrency. Tokens can be used for many things outside of their use as a currency, including governance, NFTs, and security tokens. To exchange tokens, you can choose from an ever evolving set of cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Essentially, wallets are where you store your private keys that you use to access your cryptocurrencies and other accounts. You can categorize wallets into two categories, hot & cold (which can also be custodial and non-custodial accounts) wallets, and understanding how to use them is key to being able to trade cryptocurrencies, and create & use DApps that incorporate payments.

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